Why do we need to drink water ?

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 Life-1-9Untitled-1What is thirst? It is our body’s response  to a shortage of water. By not drinking enough water, we are doing untold damage to our health. Being partially dehydrated causes illnesses  such as arthritis, ulcers, high blood cholesterol, asthma and allergies. 

A doctor named  Fereydoon  Batmanghelidj  researched the subject  and discovered the benefits of being hydrated. Doctors had completely  ignored the fact  that we need to be hydrated  for our body to function properly, and that dehydration  will cause the onset  of symptoms.  This is not strange as water regulates every single feature  in our body. Water is in every single  cell, so any change in its  equilibrium  level will affect  the cell’s behaviour. When the body is partially dehydrated, the body  rations the water using its own  drought  management  system. The most common symptom  is in fact, not that we would get  thirsty, but we will experience pain. 

According to  Batmanghelidj, the pain is caused  by dehydration. In his book, “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water”, in the chapter on  Rheumatoid Arthritis, he concludes that  lower back pain  “indicates that  the lower back  joint  is not  fully prepared  to endure the pressure  until it is fully hydrated”. In child birth, an injection of water  into the lower back area is a solution.Or drinking large amounts of water during childbirth  will relieve pain.So, lower back  pain, he declares, can be cured by water.

(Data taken from a book  "Blinded by Science” by Mathew Silverstone.)