Mahela and Dinusha are 2018 Best Schools VB players at DSI Tournament

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By Susil Premalal

Mahela Indiwera of Dhamissara Central College, Nattandiya and Dinusha Dilrukshi of Anamaduwa Central College, Anamaduwa bagged the 2018 Schools Volleyball Best Players’ Awards (Boys and Girls) at the DSI Supersports Volleyball Tournament held at the NYSC Indoor Courts, Maharagama. They were selected as the best players from over 500 schools volleyball teams. 

The tournament was conducted by the Sri Lanka Volleyball Federation and for the 18th time the competition was sponsored by D. Samson and Sons Pvt. Ltd.

Tissapura Vidyalaya,Uhana in Ampara, won three championships. They were the under 11 girls, under 13 girls and the under 15 girls titles.

In the other age group categories the championships were divided.


Championship Winners


Under 19 Boys – Champions: Dammissara MMV, Nattandiya; Runners-up: Rajasinghe MMV Ruwanwella sets 3-0. Scores: 25-22; 25-22 and 25-22. Third Place: St. Xavier’s College Marawila.

Performances: Best Setter: Malesha Ravishan (Damissara MMV). Best Attacker: Yohan Sanuka (Damissara MMV). Best Player: Vidura Prabath (Rajasinghe MMV).

Under 19 Girls – Champions: Anamaduwa MMV Anamaduwa; Runners-up: Rathanapala Vidyalaya, Mahauswewa Sets 3-0. Scores 26-24, 25-18 and 25-20. Third Place: Galigamuwa MMV.

Performance – Best Setter: Senali Maheshika (Anamaduwa MMV); Best Attacker: Tharushi Ayodya (Anamaduwa MMV). Best Player: Preethika Promodini (Rathanapala Vidyalaya).

Under 17 Boys – Champions: Rajasinghe MMV Ruwanwella; Runnres-up: St. Xavier’s College Marawila. Sets 3-0. Scores: 25-21, 25-21 and 35-33. Third place: Davisamara Vidyalaya Seeduwa.

Performance – Best Setter: Sujith Lakshan (Rajasinghe MMV); Best Attacker: Navin Kaushalya (Rajasinghe MMV). Best Player: Kavishka Madusanka (Rajasinghe MMV).

Under 17 Girls – Champions: Wijeba National School Hungama[ Runners-up: Anamaduwa MMV Anamaduwa. Sets 3-0. Scores: 25-15, 25-17 and 25-18. Third place: Tissapura Vidyalaya Uhana.

Performance – Best Setter: Sachini Maduwanthi (Wijeba National School); Best Attacker: Kaumadi Kashmira (Wijeba National School); Best Player: Surekha Dilhani (Wijeba National School).

Under 15 Boys – Champions: St. Joseph Vaz College Wennappuwa; Runners-up: St. Xavier’s College Marawila. Sets 3-2. Scores: 17-15, 25-18. 27-29, 25-16 and 16-14. Third place: Rajasinghe MMV Ruwanwella.

Performance – Best Setter: Rishan Thenuwara (Joseph Vaz MMV); Best Attacker: Samith Madushan: (St. Xavier’s College);Best Player: Nadun Indusara (Joseph Vaz College).

Under 15 Girls – Champions: Tissapura Vidyalaya Uhana; Runners-up: Sangamitta Vidyalaya Kiridiwala. Sets 3-0. Scores 25-16, 25-9 and 25-19. Third place: Bopitiya 
MV Bopitiya.

Performance – Best Setter: Kavindya Madushani (Tissapura Vidyalaya); Best Attacker: Sathya Sewandi (Tissapura Vidyalaya); Best Player: Chathuri Sewandika 
(Tissapura Vidyalaya).

Under 13 Boys – Champions: Sri Sena MV Imbulana; Runners-up: Rajakeeya Vidyalaya Ruwanwella. Sets 2-0. Scores: 21-8 and 21-16. Third place: President’s College Nattandiya.

Performance – Best Setter: Nuwan Prabath Jayamanna (Sri Sena MV); Best Attacker: Kavindu Niroshan (Sri Sena MV);Best Player: Induranga Ratnayake (Sri Sena MV).

Under 13 Girls – Champions: Tissapura Vidyalaya Uhana; Runners-up: Royal National School Trincomalee. Sets 2-0. Scores: 21-10,21-13.

Performance – Best Setter: Samara Nishadi (Tissapura Vidyalaya); Best Attacker: Tharushika Dananjani (Tissapura Vidyalaya); Best Player: Lochani Lakshmika (Tissapura Vidyalaya).

Under 11 Boys – Champions: Bishop Edmond Pieris Vidyalaya Chilaw; Runners-up: President’s College Nattandiya. Sets 2-0; Scores: 15-14 and 15-8. Third place: Pathmawathi MV Dekatana.

Performance – Best Setter: Nirosha Sankalpa (Bishop Edmond Pieris Vidyalaya); Best Attacker: Pasindu Lakshan (President’s College);Best Player: Nirosh Lakmal (Bishop Edmond Pieris Vidyalaya).

Under 11 Girls – Champions: Tissapura Vidyalaya Uhana; Runners-up: Medagama Vidyalaya Siyambalagaswewa. Sets: 2-0. Scores: 15-8 and 15-7.

Performance -Best Setter: Dineshi Madushani (Tissapura Vidyalaya); Best Attacker: Harshini Nissansala (Tissapura Vidyalaya); Best Player: Sulakshana Pasinduni 
(Tissapura Vidyalaya).