Side drains along 9th lane off Borupana road in dilapidated state

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By H.M.Dharmapala and Kusal Chamath

Residents of the area said poor maintenance of side drains along the 9th Lane off Borupana road leading to Galle road at Ratmalana has created a serious health hazard affecting a large population. They pointed out that the side drains covered with rank vegetation had turned into mosquito breeding grounds due to obstructions caused to the free flow of storm water and waste water from houses and business establishments. They said they were living in constant fear of possible outbreak of Dengue fever due to the neglected and dilapidated storm water drains filled with stagnant water. They said the terminal disease was likely to raise its ugly head again in the area.

A resident of 9th Lane, L.D. Perera (46) said the road which was much below the level of the Borupana road storm water in the side drains in the main road flowed along the lane and submerged the home gardens.

“The lane is impassable during heavy rain due to the overflow of the dilapidated side drains that prevent the free flow of water. Storm water in the side drains of the main Borupana road which is in a higher elevation flows down the lane. Schoolchildren stay back at school when the road and the home gardens are under water. We have to remove our shoes and wade through floods to reach the main road. Even the trishaws do not operate on the 9th lane when under water and added to it is the nauseating smell from stagnant storm water and waste water from the houses and business establishments released to the broken down side drains. Municipal Council had been dissolved for about two years leaving public utility services and the infrastructure facilities to the mercy of the officials. The side drains had been in a dilapidated state due to neglect and misuse. Haphazard dumping of garbage has obstructed the free flow of water in the drains. Side drains are covered with solid waste including plastic bottles, empty cans and polythene.” He said.

A resident of Borupona road Sarath Fernando (38) said haphazard construction works has resulted in sloping of the side drains in a wrong angle.

“The side drains that should slope towards the sea to allow the free flow of water. Due to haphazard construction works the drains now slope towards the land and overflow submerging the road and the home gardens and added to it is the obstructions caused by dumping of garbage in the side drains. If the MC removed garbage at regular intervals the people would not resort to haphazard disposal of garbage. They said their continual representations to the Municipal Council were yet to receive a positive response. They warned that the situation would worsen during the monsoon rain next month.