SLLRDC undertakes to clearing up Beira Lake

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By Thilanka Kanakarathna   

Clearing up of the Beire Lake has begun, Sri Lanka Land Reclamation and Development Coporation (SLLRDC) Chairman Roshan Gunawardena said.   

Gunawardena said the main purpose of the lake, established during the British period, was to pump out storm water collected within the city. Consequently, sewerage lines were directed to the lake and was not upgraded thereafter.   
“The lake and other canals connected to it overflow during the monsoon as the system is inundated by the excessive amount of water and garbage that is dumped into it,” he said.   

Gunawardena cited the area surrounding the Norris Canal close to the national hospital as an example.   

While studies had been conducted as to how the Lake could be salvaged over the years, none of the projects were acted upon due to the lack of initial investment for the project and subsequent funds needed for maintenance.   
Haphazard illegal constructions in areas close to canals and the dumping of garbage by residents of these areas into the lake was another factor that had increased pressure on the already clogged system, Gunawardena said.   
Families in illegal housing units near Vauxhall Street have already been relocated to the Henamulla housing scheme by the Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development.   




“We are hoping to divert the sewerage lines that have been directed to the lake and restablish the natural outfalls of the lake from near Technical College through the Sebastian canal to the Kelani river, from the McCallum gate to the port and from near the Presidential Secretariat to the sea.”   

Measures have been taken to inform the Colombo Municipality to remove sewerage lines directed to the Lake. “We have also requested they divert existing lines directly to the see and ensure no lines are directed here,” Gunawardena concluded.