Sivasakthy Ananthan has never seen a TNA Audit Report

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Impulse--1-5By K. Aharan

Despite being  in an alliance for 15 years with the TNA, we have not seen a single Audit Report up to now, Parliamentarian Sivashakthi 
Ananthan said.   

He made the above comments at the 20th Annual General Meeting of the Vavuniya Private Bus Owners’ Association held in Vavuniya on Saturday.   

“ We envy you. Though we had been an alliance for over 15 years towards the liberation of a nation, we have not seen a single Audit Report with the Tamil leadership or the Tamil National Alliance. In fact, there is a dictatorial attitude there,” Parliamentarian Sivashakthi Ananthan said.   

He said that the Road accidents in Vavunia were increasing and action should be taken to bring them down.   

 “I have discussed in that context with the District Secretary of Vavunia,” he said.