Facelift for p’mentary complex in the offing

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 Cabinet approval was granted to obtain consultancy services to refurbish the Parliament building and improve the security building of the complex. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe submitted the proposals for 
the project.   

The parliamentary complex constructed in 1982 has not been subject to major refurbishment since. As such, the premier proposed to obtain consultancy services for the refurbishment of the complex to be done expeditiously. Recommendation of the Staff Advisory Committee of the Urban Development Authority (UDA) is to be taken in consideration for the project. 

The Jayanthipura security building at the main entrance to the Parliamentary complex and the Pinniyara security building at the exit of the complex are also to be refurbished. Furthermore, the project will restructure existing security to include new technological facilities required for the operational activities for the security of the parliamentary complex.