Speaker’s ruling on Vijeyakala this Thursday

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  • Allegedly called for LTTE resurgence
  • Nothing about violating the Constitution


vlcsnap-2018-08-10-06h33m11s853By Yohan Perera   

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya is expected to give a ruling on Jaffna District UNP MP  Vijeyakala Maheswaran this Thursday, a spokesman from his office said yesterday.   

He confirmed that the Speaker had received the Attorney General’s opinion on the recent statement made by Ms. Maheswaran, who was caught up in a major controversy after she called for the resurgence of the LTTE. 

Informed sources said the AG had informed the Speaker that Parliament could take action against Ms. Maheswaran but had not stated whether she had violated the Constitution by making that statement.   

An MP loses his or her seat if found guilty of promoting separation under the 6th Amendment to the Constitution enacted in 1983 having taken an oath rejecting separatism. 

Meanwhile, TULF MPs including the then opposition leader A. Amirthalingam lost their seats in 1983 following their refusal to take this oath. 



The AG has apparently informed the Speaker that Parliament can take action  against Ms. Maheswaran but had not stated whether she has violated the  Constitution by making that statement