Tuition class posters mar beauty of Moratuwa

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Text & Pics by Reka Tharangani 

Stringent regulations need to be set up for advertising tuition class posters as they have ruined the beauty of the city, Moratuwa Municipal Council (MMC) opposition leader Senaka Damayantha said. 

He went on to say that the municipality should allocate specific areas for such posters and take legal action against those who do not follow set regulations. 

“These posters take away the beauty of the city. The proposal I made regarding the matter was approved by the council. We can see banners and posters for tuition classes in every nook and corner of the city,” he said. 

Some of the main areas affected by the invasion of such posters and banners are the walls near the Soysa Ground, schools and bus depots constructed by the Road Passenger Transport Authority at a huge cost. 

Speaking of the issue, Moratuwa Mayor Samanlal Fernando said measures were underway to curb the issue. 

“We will start by allocating areas for these posters to be put up. Later, we will set up necessary regulations. We will ensure that action is taken against those who put up posters and banners that will mar the beauty of the city,” he said.