CEA raids illegal lunch sheet factory in Dematagoda

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By Sheain Fernandopulle   

The Central Environmental Authority CEA yesterday raided a lunch sheet manufacturing factory in Aramaya Place, Dematagoda where illegal polythene materials worth Rs. 20 million were found.  
The raid was jointly carried out by the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) and Police Special Unit of the CEA.  

 When the raid was conducted, the factory was in operation of rolling lunch sheets manufactured by using HDPE materials (High Density Polyethylene) 
and calcium.  

Three extruder machines (7.5Hp each), three cutting machine (5Hp each) and two mixture machines were being used in the production process.   

The CEA would take legal action against the accused before the Colombo Magistrate’s Courts and the stock of food wrapper rolls which is nearly 600 Kg in weight was detected by the CAA.   

The regulation published under Section 23W of the National Environmental Act bearing No. 2034/34 and dated 2017.09.01 prohibited the manufacture of food wrappers from polythene as a raw material for use. This regulation was enforced with effect from January 2018 after giving a grace period to adhere to the new law to the manufacturers.