CEA has conducted 5000 raids on illegal polythene

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By Sheain Fernandopulle   

The Central Environmental Authority (CEA) has launched more than 5000 raids since January 1, 2018 on manufacturing and selling of illegal polythene.  

The CEA commenced to launch islandwide programmes to raid illegal lunch sheet producers, sellers and users since January this year. Up to now, the CEA has investigated more than 5000 such institutions islandwide and found more than 300 institutions engaged in production, sale or using the illegal food wrappers.  

The regulation published under the section 23W of the National Environmental Act bearing No. 2034/34 and dated on September1 2017, prohibited the manufacture of food wrappers from polythene as a raw material for use in the country with effect from September 1, 2017. However, this regulation was fully enforced with effect from January 2018 after given a grace period to adhere to the new law by the manufacturers.   

The CEA recently handed over the legal authority to carry out raids on banned polythene production and sales to the Sri Lanka Police after having noticed continuous prevalence of banned polythene items.   

Prior to this decision, the raids on illegal polythene were carried by the CEA officials in collaboration with the Environment Unit of the Police and the Consumer Affairs Authority.