Two arrested for dumping animal offal on roads in Kandana

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Text & Pics By L.P.H.P. Perera 

Kandana police has arrested two suspects while they were engaged in dumping animal offal from a lorry on the road in secret.   

Police have taken them into custody along with the lorry after checking CCTV footage. .   

Investigations revealed that the two have been in practice of dumping animal offal collected from abattoirs in Kandana area on roads in and around Kandana town  during night.   They have also threatened and assaulted the residents of the area on several occasion when they protested against this misdeed.   

Police led the suspects to clean the places where they had dumped the left overs of the animals slaughtered. Kandana Police Environment unit OIC SI P.A.G. Dias led the arrest of suspects on the instructions of the Kandana OIC IP Rohana Munasinghe.