Protest by JO on Wednesday Measures taken to ensure public safety

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LATE-CITY-DM-1-42By Sujith Hewajulige  

 All possible measures will be taken to ensure public safety and scuttle any attempt to disrupt the lives of the people during the protest campaign to be carried out by the joint opposition on Wednesday (5) in Colombo, IGP Pujith Jayasundera said. 


Special arrangements have been made to provide additional security to Parliament and other places of importance in Colombo and the outskirts. Additional intelligence officers and riot squads have been kept in readiness while the traffic police have also been told to be vigilant to ensure security. “All Deputy Inspectors General (DIGs) were briefed by me to ensure that peace and calm is maintained during the protest march scheduled to be conducted by the joint opposition (JO)”, the IGP said.   

Mr. Jayasundera also emphasised that he had appealed to the organisers of the protest campaign to refrain from actions that would disturb public life and law and order.   

He also said the Special Task Force (STF) as well as police officers from the outstations will be brought to the City to ensure public safety on Wednesday (5).