seven elephants die in a marshy land

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By K.G.Karunaratna  &  W.A. Piyathilaka 

Seven elephants have died after being stuck in the mud in a marshy land in Pudur near Periya Aru River in Polonnaruwa, the Wildlife officials said.  

The decomposed bodies of the seven elephants that are believed to have died several days ago have been found by the residents of the area on Saturday.  

The Wildlife officers believe that these elephants might have accidentally walked into the marshy land while roaming in the area in search of food in the night.  

Another carcass of an elephant cub of about eight years old had also been found a few days ago in a nearby marshy area. The post-mortem of the seven elephants was to be held by the veterinarians of the Veterinary Unit of the Giritale Wildlife Training Centre yesterday.