Mt. Lavinia-Angulana Govt. to stabilise coastal stretch using Sand Engine Methodology

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Cabinet approval was granted to a proposal submitted to stabilise the coastal stretch from Mount Lavinia to Angulana using the Sand Engine Methodology and to restore the sand bar at Kalu Ganga estuary which had eroded due to recent floods. 

The proposal had been submitted by President Maithripala Sirisena in his capacity as the Mahaweli Development and Environment Minister. The proposal is a part of the initiative to stabilise the coastal stretch from Mount  Lavinia under the Southern Colombo Sand Catchment Project. 

Previously, the Cabinet granted approval for the Rs.800 million project to stabilise the coastal line from Kollupitiya to Angulana by the Coast Conservation and Coastal Resources Management Department (CCCRMD). The initial Cabinet paper stated that coastal areas in Mount  Lavinia, Dehiwala, Ratmalana, Wedikanda and Moratuwa were identified to be erosion prone.   

Accordingly, the budget proposal for 2018 had determined to replenish the sand and stabilise the coastal stretch from Mount  Lavinia to Angulana. 

The estimated cost for the supply of sand for the project stood at Rs.800 million and the paper suggested the procurement process through International Competitive Bidding to select a suitable dredging contractor was set in motion during the early part of 2018 (before the monsoon). 

“The coastal area coming under the project was 5.5km. In addition to the licence fee to be paid for sand mining, a royalty of Rs.70 has to be paid per metre cube of sand extracted, to the Geological Survey and Mines Bureau (GSMB) and the estimated cost for that would be Rs.56 million,” the paper said. 

Therefore, the paper recommended that the royalty fee to be paid to GSMB be waived off.