Death of seven wild elephants Breathing difficulties the cause

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By W.A. Piyathilaka   

Breathing difficulty might be the cause of the death of the seven wild elephants whose bodies were recovered lying in a marshy land at Pudur in Onegama, Polonnaruwa, Divisional Wildlife Director Upali Kumaratunga said yesterday.   
The decomposed carcasses of the seven wild elephants were discovered in the early hours on Saturday (1).   

Speaking to the Daily Mirror Mr. Kumaratunga said the Post-mortem was conducted and the report has been sent to the Medical Research Institute (MRI) in Colombo for further investigation and to confirm the cause of death.   
Mr. Kumaratunga said that so far the wildlife officers have not received any suspicious evidence for the jumbos’ death.   

The wildlife officials said the four jumbos in the Somawathiya National Park might have bogged down in the marsh and died while roaming in the jungle in search of fodder and water.   

Meanwhile, an almsgiving programme organised by the Deputy Minister of Sustainable Development, Wildlife and Regional Development Palitha Kumara Thewarapperuma for the dead wild elephants was held yesterday with the participation of the residents of the area and the wildlife officers.