Lankan arrested in Sydney Minister Musthapha upset by false media reports

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By Thilanka Kanakarathna  

Minister Faiszer Musthapha is unhappy about the baseless media allegations that the youth arrested in Sydney had in his possession a document containing plans for terrorist attacks, Deputy Minister H.M.M. Harees said yesterday.  


He said he spoke to the minister after several foreign reports said the suspect was related to the minister.  

“The suspect is not directly related to the minister but a relative of his wife. Faiszer is a patriot. I’m disappointed about these reports. Just because the student is charged with some crime, it does not mean he is guilty and just because a person is related to the minister does not mean the minister is also involved,” the deputy minister said.  

He said this incident had tarnished Sri Lanka’s image and could impact on the bilateral relations with Australia.  



The deputy minister urged the Foreign Affairs Ministry to intervene in this matter because the youth was a PhD student with a sound background and his family claims he has been framed.

“I request local and foreign media to stop accusing the minister based on false information. I  assure you that Minister Musthapha is a gentleman and a patriot,” the deputy minister said.   

The Sri Lankan, 25-year-old Kamar Nizamdeen was employed by a Sydney University before his arrest on terrorism charges.





That he was ‘radicalised’ is impossible to accept

LATE-CITY-DM-1-17He came from one of Colombo’s best known and most prestigious boys’ schools where he had achieved excellent results at the Ordinary Level Exam. He was a gentle, charming and yes, a nice boy in every way. His teachers have kept in touch with him after he left us ( gaining 3 ‘A’s, I might add) and entered the University of Melbourne. The news of his arrest sent shock waves through a vast number of people. Perhaps he was too successful at what he did and that upset his contemporaries! That this young man could have become ‘radicalised’ is impossible to accept. He had absolutely no reason to become a radical or fanatic Muslim and it will take irrefutable evidence to get any of us to believe in these charges levelled against him.   


Perhaps he was too successful at what he did and that upset his contemporaries!

Goolbai Gunasekara   
Former school principal at AIS