JVP’s 20A presented to House

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CITY-DM-28-1By Yohan Perera and Ajith Siriwardana

JVP MP Vijitha Herath yesterday presented the 20th Amendment to the Constitution which, if enacted, would provide for the abolition of Executive Presidency and prevention of MPs crossing over to another party.


He presented it as a private member’s bill. As per the 20th Amendment to the Constitution, there will be a President who is elected in a secret ballot in Parliament with a simple majority. The President cease to a member of a political party once elected to office. The President, however, will not have the power to prorogue the House and will only have the power to dissolve it when it completes four and a half years of its term. The appointment of ambassadors, high commissioners will have to be made by the President on the advice of Cabinet of Ministers conveyed to him by the Prime Minister. President could make other appointments only after obtaining the approval of the Constitutional Council.

The Cabinet is given the power to decide the maximum number of ministry secretaries as per the 20th Amendment. The president could be impeached by a simple majority in Parliament.

The legislation includes provision for the appointment of a member, who commands the support of majority members in Parliament as the Prime Minister. However, such a person appointed as the Prime Minister will have to win a vote of confidence to prove it and remain in office.