Indian Naval Ships, Aircraft in SL to join SLINEX

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By Darshana Sanjeewa   

Indian Naval ships and aircraft arrived in Sri Lanka to engage the ‘SLINEX 2018’ joint exercise which would be held from 7 – 13 September in Trincomalee.   

Three Indian ships, two maritime patrol aircraft and one helicopter will be participating at this year’s exercise.   

The Sri Lankan and Indian Naval forces’ joint exercise was previously held once in two years has now been changed to an annual event from this year onwards.   

The Indian High Commission in Colombo said this exercise would enhance co-operation in the maritime domain and to further strengthen mutual trust and inter operability between the two naval forces. The exercise is a continuation of the ongoing operational interaction between both navies, wherein regular ship visits are being undertaken between the two countries.   

Sri Lanka Air Force personnel would also to join the exercise for the first time. The six-day exercise will involve conduct of joint training, professional lectures, exchange of expertise, helicopter and maritime patrol aircraft operations, weapon drills, search and rescue, seamanship and manoeuvres at sea.   The highlight of this exercise would be the deployment of Dornier aircraft manned by Indian Navy from China Bay, the Sri Lanka Navy and the Sri Lanka Air Force personnel to conduct Maritime patrol exercises and to train personnel in conducting effective EEZ surveillance and rescue missions.   The exercise would also involve sports fixtures and cultural events which would provide an opportunity for personnel from both navies to learn from each other, re-enforce shared values and to build individual bonds of friendship and camaraderie that they would carry back home.   

SLINEX 2017 was held at Visakhapatnam in September last year and two ships from the Sri Lanka Navy had participated.