First Eco-friendly sand mining centre starts in Gampaha

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By Thilanka Kanakarathna   

The first Eco-friendly sand mining centre which is to provide sand at a concessionary price was declared open for public use in Warallawatta, Gampaha recently.   

The centre located at the Divisional office of the Geological Survey and Mines Bureau (GSMB) will be the blue print on which sand mining centres across the country is to be set up.   

While the main purpose of the centre is to provide sand needed for construction at a reasonable rate in a bid to control the exorbitantly high price of sand in the market.   

GSMB Chairman Asela Iddawela said the programme was aimed at those who needed sand for domestic constructions. Accordingly, a cubic metre of ‘Manampitiya’ sand can be purchased at Rs. 13,500 from the centre.   

Once obtained the sand can be transported within a radius of 10 kilometers without a permit, while a separate license should be obtained from the GSMB divisional office if the sand was to be transported any further.   

Iddawela went on to say that transportation facilities should be organized by the consumer. “We are looking at arranging transport facilities in the future,” he commented.   

“All sand mining centres should be set up and function in the same manner as this centre or steps will be taken to revoke the licenses of those who do not,” he said.   

The method ensures the area surrounding the sand mining centre is left unharmed and intact. “Ten feet radius of the sand mining location will be considered a green zone and there will be a three foot wide road leading to the location. This will ensure that huge trucks are not allowed close to the banks of the river.”

Individuals can only use wheelbarrows to transport the sand to a truck.   

“In addition to this, if individuals are to use boats to transport the sand, they cannot use motor boats,” Iddawela concluded.   

The centre was declared open by Deputy Minister of Environment Ajith Mannapperuma.   


A cubic metre of ‘Manampitiya’ sand can be purchased at Rs. 13,500 from the centre