Illegal land reclamation is rampant within Minuwangoda UC limits

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Text & Pics By L.W. Ariyarathna   

The illegal filling of a stretch of land near the canal reserve in Minuwangoda is still continuing despite the instructions given to Agrarian Development Officer to take necessary steps to stop the land filling, Internal Affairs and North Western Development Deputy Minister Edward Gunasekera complained at the Minuwangoda Coordinating Committee headed by him as Committee Chairman.   

He further said that although the Agrarian official Mrs. T.D. Rajapaksa had made a complain at the Minuwangoda Police to follow legal procedure against the illegal land filling police were yet to take action.   

There are several places along the Colombo Road in Minuwangoda where lands are being reclaimed amid the plans to develop the Minuwangoda Town which is developed under the programme of the Megapolis and Western Development Ministry.   

The Deputy Minister expressed his regret about the attitude of public officers towards peoples’ problems when Traffic OIC who represented the Police said he was not aware of this issue and he was instructed to inform the Assistant Agrarian Commissioner about the matter.   

Replying to questions about delay in constructing the road near the Marapola Vidyalaya, the Director- Planning of Divisional Secretariat Asha Siriwardena said Road Development Authority has not begun the work yet despite request made to take the necessary action.   



JP Metthananda Dharmasena said there is no proper shelter for the ambulance parked at the police station that has been provided for the convenience of people in the area.   

The Gampaha District Parliamentarian Prasanna Ranathunga said earlier there was a Minuwangoda Town Development Plan however lands belonging to the urban council have been allocated even before this scheme is gazetted to some individuals ignoring the land issues. Several officials of the divisional secretariat, provincial council and the urban council had involved in these fraudulent land allocations. He asked for legal action to be taken against these officers.   

The opposition leader of the UC Srimal Marasinge (UNP) also spoke about the relevant fraudulent land transactions.   

The Director Planing of the divisional secretariat informed the coordinating committee that Rs.17 million had been allocated from the decentralized budget for 61 approved projects in the area and explained about the progress of these projects.   

The Co- Chairman of the coordinating committee Ruwan Ranathunga asked for proper study of possible water scarcity due to clearing of lands for sale in Kopiwattha and Ganwattha areas.   
Minuwangoda Medical Superintendent Sisira Wijesundera informed the CC about the lack of essential electric plants at the hospital.