Fuel Price hike: Bowser Owners request 25% hike in cost

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By Chaturanga Samarawickrama   

The Ceylon Petroleum Private Bowser Owners Association (CPPBOA) yesterday demanded the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) to increase the payment for transportation by 25 per cent.   

In a letter addressed to the CPC Distribution Manager, CPPBOA Secretary Shantha Silva said no transport payment increment was granted to them since 2014.   

However, he said the diesel price had been increased on several occasions.   

“The diesel price had been increased by Rs.28 since June 6 after implementing the new fuel pricing formula. Earlier, we had presented a pricing formula to calculate the transport cost according to fuel price inflation. But the CPC did not pay attention to it,” he said.   

Mr Silva said the Ceylon Petroleum Storage Terminals Limited (CPSTL) had given them a false assurance to provide a transport allowance because of the fuel price increase.   

“As our first attempt, we would request the CPC and later will resort to stern action,” he said.