Govt. will proceed with the implementation of Technological City and other projects

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By Thilanka Kanakarathna  

Despite the organized protest campaigns led by the civil societies and the interested political parties, the Megapolis will continue with the construction of technology cities, Daily Mirror learns.  
On Tuesday the Movement for protecting Homagama People’s Rights carried out a protest march from the Fort Railway Station against the Technological City Development Project that is to be launched in the areas like Malabe, Athurugiriya, Kaduwela, and Homagama.  

It was observed that the Inter University Students’ Federation (IUSF) members led by its Convener Lahiru Weerasekara were commanding the rally.  

At the most recent protests were held targeting the development projects initiated by the Megapolis and Western Development Ministry and the affiliated institutions.   

A site building at the Aruwakkalu Hygienic Solid Waste Disposal Project (AHSWDP) in Puttalam was damaged following a similar protest on Sunday.  

Speaking to Daily Mirror, Megapolis and Western Development Minister Champika Ranawaka said that through the project there will be a huge revolution in the country’s economy.

“I strongly deny any claim of negativity to the people, the area or the country through this project. Some quarry owners and the Front Line Socialist Party with political motives are behind these moves. Inter University student movements are provoking the residents of the area against this. When we explained the benefit of the project the residents agree with us,” Minister Ranawaka explained.

He further said that technology faculties belonging  to four state universities, a space centre, Nanotechnology Institute and many other research and knowledge centres would be established in the area under the project.  
Minister revealed that Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank had agreed to develop the infrastructure facilities in the area while the entire design plan was done by the Korean project authorities for free of charge.  

As such Ranawaka said that it is the residents and the youth of the country who will benefit of this project.  

In a press briefing to clarify rumours over the technology city development project Megapolis Additional Secretary Madhawa Waidyaratna said that Sri Lanka is the only country that opposes its success, technology and development and where people resort to protests obstructing development activities.  

Waidyaratna rejected the protesters’ claims that the Government intends to sell 4,000 acres of residential land to Korea.   



“Protesters claim that there is a move to confine residents into apartments while arbitrarily acquiring their lands. They also claim that the SL – Singapore FTA, waste removed from Singapore would be dumped in Sri Lankan soil. I must say that these are only fairy tales,” he said.  

He went on to disclaim rumours that the Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology had sprayed the clouds with chemicals to delay rain until the planned technology cities were built.  


Megapolis Additional Secretary Madhawa Waidyaratna said that Sri Lanka is the only country that opposes its success, technology and development and where people resort to protests obstructing development activities

“Technology city project came into the light to create the grounds to boost the country’s falling economy. It is considered that this project is an attempt to escape from the traditional tea, rubber and coconut economy and to walk towards a new economy which depends on technology, knowledge and innovation. As such I regret that some oppose this effort towards development.”   

Waidyaratna also claimed that a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) had not been signed with Korean Government to sell the country’s resources but the people had been misled to believe that the epistle that was signed to exchange expert knowledge and technical assistance for the projects was an MoU.   Meanwhile, Waidyaratna assured that only 200 acres of land had been acquired for the purpose and another 250 acres will be acquired for the project and that there was no move to acquire 4,000 acres of land.