Karadiyana garbage dump becomes threat for area residents

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  • Home gardens and the  roads being polluted during heavy rain
  • Even underground water  resources polluted
  • Power generation out of Garbage dump is not implemented


By H.M.Dharmapala  

Residents of the area have been facing a serious health hazard due to the Karadiyana dumping ground in Piliyandala. They said they would be compelled to sell their property and leave the area.   

They pointed out that garbage floated into their home gardens and the roads during heavy rain and even polluted the underground water resources that fed the home garden wells creating a serious health hazard.   

A resident of the area Ronnie Fonseka said heaps of garbage had created a mosquito breeding ground and that they were living in constant fear of any possible outbreak of Dengue fever.   

“Swarms of flies from the dumping ground infesting our homes pollute our food. The nauseating smell from the dumping ground is unbearable and the people in Piliyandala, Bokundara, Erewwala, and Panipitiya have been compelled to breathe polluted air. Successive governments have failed to resolve the issue despite our continual representations in this regard. Several local authorities use Karadiyana dumping ground to dispose of tractor loads of garbage almost every day. The political authority with much pomp and heraldry, laid the foundation for a project to use garbage for power generation, but the project was brushed under the carpet after the inaugural ceremony. The government had not come to an agreement with the contractor company on the unit price of electricity. We are awaiting the judgment in the case filed by us. During heavy rain storm water flowing through the garbage dumping ground pollutes the Weresganga causing the death of fish” He said.  

A resident of Wekadawatta Luxmee Peiries who expressed concern about the inconvenience facing them said they settled in the area about five years ago and they had been living within closed doors to prevent swarms of flies that infest food stuffs. She said they were not in a position to have a meal with a guest due to the nauseating smell and flies from the dumping ground and that worst affected were their children who were susceptible to a serious health hazard. She said the residents of the area staged protest but to no avail.   

Member of the Kesbewa Urban Council Kalpa Kushantha Perera said who agreed with the residents of area said he joined hands with the public who staged protest and raised the issue in the council meetings but without any positive response from the authorities who boast about massive development projects.