Milk packets: Govt. should take responsibility – JO

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image_1536765159-899a0baa63By Kalathma Jayawardhane  

The Joint Opposition (JO) yesterday said the government should take the responsibility and resign over the incident where milk packets containing poisonous substance were distributed among the protesters of the ‘Janabalaya Kolombata’ held last Wednesday.  

JO MP Dullas Alahapperuma told a news conference that the same government which came into power guaranteeing people to provide toxin-free food had mixed a poisonous substance to the milk packets that were distributed during the protest.  

“We cannot point out our fingers at a specific MP or any other person. The government should be held responsible over this incident. This is not a political matter but solely a humanitarian matter.

Accordingly, the government has no option but to resign” 

he said.  Mr. Allahapperuma said he also fell ill for three days after drinking milk distributed in packets during the protest march.“The milk packet served to me mentioned August 24 as Date of  Manufacture and September 30 as Expiry Date,” he said.