Chinese loans amount to 8% rest are from other countries- MR

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  • We would have settled the loan obtained for the Hambantota port from earnings of Colombo Port


The amount of loans Sri Lanka obtained from China is only about 8 per cent from the total loan amount and the rest of the loans are from the Western and other countries, former President Mahinda Rajapaksa who is in India said.   

In an interview with News X, Mr.Rajapaksa said if he is not mistaken, Chinese loans only amounted to 8 per cent.   

He said Sri Lankans today complained of lack of development in the country and the previous government was able to initiate many development projects.   

When asked whether the Hambantota Port’s feasibility study proved to be not viable, he said it was not so.   

“Now everybody is interested in it. Not only India, Pakistan or China, everybody wants to come there. It is a very important port. Now they have realized it. Even the US, that’s why they are talking about it,” he said.  He said the previous government never promised China that the Port will be given to them.   

“But this government gave it for 99 year lease. We would have settled the loan obtained for the Hambantota port from earnings of Colombo Port,” he said.   

IMG_806When asked about the issues faced by the people of Tamil Community in Sri Lanka, Mr.Rajapaksa said both the regional development and power devolution have to be done.   

“We will have to give that. However, Sri Lanka is a small country. We can’t just divide it and give them a federal state. That option is out. Unfortunately, the TNA party leaders didn’t want to come with me and discuss the issues because they thought Ranil will give them a better deal,” he said.   

When asked whether he would contest the upcoming presidential election, Mr. Rajapaksa said he has not yet decided whether to contest or not.    


“We are looking for a good candidate. If there is no good candidate then I will have to,” he said.    Meanwhile, delivering a public speech in New Delhi on Wednesday, Mr. Rajapaksa said that the number of war casualties in Sri Lanka including the terrorist casualties may not have exceeded 8,000.    According to the Hindu, Mr. Rajapaksa has said extravagant numbers reaching up to 40,000 have been recklessly bandied about as the alleged scale of fatal casualties.   

“This is false and malicious propaganda…the number of casualties, including terrorist casualties, would probably not have exceeded, 8,000,” he said in response to the international campaign for justice for the persons affected by the war.   

He said that the Sri Lankan military saved 300,000 Tamil civilians who were trapped in the last stage of the war from a narrow strip of land in the east.   

He reiterated that the war of 2009 was against terrorism of LTTE and not against the community. 

Mr. Rajapaksa hit out at his international critics and said that allegations of human rights abuse against the victorious Sri Lankan military is “false”.   

“We did not at any time, wage an ethnic war: the military action was certainly not directed against the Tamil community. It must not be forgotten that the reach of this terrorist organisation was not confined to Sri Lanka, but extended to Indian soil where they assassinated Shri Rajiv Gandhi and many others,” Mr. Rajapaksa said at the speech organised by Virat Hindustan Sangam led by BJP MP Dr. Subramanian Swamy.