During war against LTTE terrorism Troika mechanism balanced India-SL relations

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  • says adopt similar technique to address socio-economic issues


Former president Mahinda Rajapaksa said a Troika mechanism was set up to balance relations with India during war against the LTTE and pointed out that a similar mechanism could be set up with advantage with regard to economic and social issues as well.   

He said this while delivering a lecture in New Delhi at the invitation of the Vi-rat Hindustan Sangam. 

He said, “I remained unshaken in my conviction that foreign armies could not successfully banish terrorism from our soil, because the broad mass of popular opinion would not support this. I was, naturally, mindful of India’s special concerns, arising principally from the proximity of Tamil Nadu and other relevant circumstances. Our policy in this regard was constant consultation with India and other neighbouring countries. For this purpose we had evolved the Troika mechanism involving key officials on both sides, who were in touch with one another at all times, day and night. It is my belief that a similar mechanism can be used with advantage in the future with regard to economic and social issues as well. I vividly recall our success in defusing tensions towards the end of the war, when a high level delegation from New Delhi met with me at short notice.   

He also asserted that military action was certainly not directed against the Tamil community.   “It must not be forgotten that the reach of this terrorist origination was not confined to Sri Lanka, but extended to Indian soil where they assassinated Sri Rajiv Gandhi and many others. Those who spread vicious canards to vilify my country, are well aware that the terrorists brutally destroyed as many Tamil, as they did, Sinhala lives. Among their victims were such distinguished Tamil leaders as Mr. Amirthalingam, former Leader of the Opposition in the Parliament of Sri Lanka, Mr.Lakshman Kadirgamar, former Foreign Minister, and Dr. Neelan Tiruchelvam, an internationally renowned academic and Member of Parliament.