Alleged sexual abuse of school girl by a teacher

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By Nayanajeewa Bandara  

 Moneragala police has taken into custody a teacher on Saturday for alleged sexual abuse of a girl student of 18 years old.  

The suspect is a married person and a resident of Galabedda Kolonwinna area Moneragala. His wife is also a teacher and staying in a teachers quarters of a school in Butthala, according to the police.  
The police has taken him into custody on a tip-off  indicating the suspect was living with a young school girl in a room of his ancestral home.  

The suspect has  refused to open the door of the house when police tried to enter the premises. However after an argument ensued with police he had opened the door and produced two identity cards claiming those were his and his wife’s IDs and showed the school girl as  his wife.  

However police was able to differentiate young girl from the photo appearing in the ID and had questioned the girl about her relationship with the teacher. The girl first tried to pretend as the wife of the suspect. But further questioning by the police had made her to reveal the truth.  

She has also told the police that she is an Advanced level student of Siyambalanduwa and has been having an affair with the suspect teacher for about four years.  

Police has sent the victim girl to a hospital for a medical examination and the suspect was due to be produced in court on Sunday.