The fast deteriorating Ja-Ela Fish Market

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Text & Pics by Sarath Chinthala   

The Ja-Ela Public Fish Market is one of the main places which is full of shortcomings. It is said that the building where the fish market is situated is more than 35 years old. It has not been refurbished so far and consumers are reluctant to go there.   

The market place property is owned by the Wewala St. Saviour’s Church and it is governed by the Priest of the Church. Nobody can intervene into the affairs of the market and supervisory works can only be done by the Urban Council. The electrical system of this building is unsafe and is always faced with the leaking of electricity. There is no watcher to look after it and the electric bulbs are switched off at night.   

There are no facilities to store fish in cool rooms and not enough water is supplied to clean the market. In addition to this, the drainage systems are also in a bad condition. Water is not flowing properly and a horrible smell is being emitted all the time. Dogs, cats and crows are the owners of these drainages as their food seems to be in this place.   

It is a striking feature that there are no toilet facilities provided at this market. Traders of the market say that the collecting of taxes has however not been stopped, despite all these shortcomings. They say they have paid hundreds of thousands of rupees as taxes so far, but there have not been any developments in this market.