water level receding in Senanayake Samudra

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By Wasantha Chandrapala   

The Inginiyagala Senanayake Samudra Reservoir with a capacity of 770,000 acre feet has reduced to 31,770 acre feet due to the prevailing drought. Director of Irrigation, Ampara District Nihal Siriwardene said the water level stood at 34.7ft by last morning and it was not possible to provide irrigation facilities for the paddy cultivation in the Maha season.   

Paddy cultivators in the district pointed out that 100,000 acres of paddy cultivation in the Maha season would be abandoned for want of irrigation facilities.   

District Director, Irrigation Department further said that the paddy cultivation irrigated by Ekgaloya, Namalanoya, Pannalgama, Namaloya and the Jayanthi tanks would be affected too. 

Meanwhile Digamadulla District Parliamentarian Wimalaweera Dissanayake stressed the need to provide relief to the drought- stricken farmers. He pointed out that 14,000 acres of paddy cultivation in the last Yala season had been devastated by a pest due to the failure in releasing water on time and that no compensation for the crop devastation was paid.