Tea trade with Iran: Special committee appointed to resolve payment issues

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image_55a3ae80a5By Ajith Siriwardana   

Plantations Minister Navin Dissanayake said yesterday a special committee was appointed by the Cabinet on Tuesday to resolve payment issues in the tea trade with Iran due to USA economic sanctions.   


 “The committee will propose suggestions on making initial payments to Iran regarding the tea trade,’ he said.   

He told parliament that prices of tea had gone down due to economic sanctions imposed on Iran by the USA and the Turkish currency issue.   

“We had recorded tea production of Rs.307 million last year and we have planned to increase to Rs.330 million this year,” he said.   

He said this responding to the allegation made by SLFP MP Lakshman Yapa alleging that tea industry had collapsed where 38 tea factories had closed down in the South.   

The minister said tea factories may have been closed down due to their poor management.   

He said the ministry was planning to increase the tea production with a plan.   

JVP MP Bimal Ratnayake said the Sri Lanka Foreign Ministry had also tabled a gazette in parliament last week imposing number of sanctions on Iran complying with the USA, which would negatively affect tea trade.   

Minister Dissanayake said he was not aware of such a gazette.