Land acquisition for the Technological City in Homagama concludes

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Three of the five major land owners opposing the Technological City in Homagama have agreed to part ways with their property during a discussion held with the Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development.   
A communiqué released by the Ministry stated that ground work for the acquisition will take place next week.   

The Ministry stated that all five parties were invited for the discussion but only three attended it. Another discussion will be scheduled for those who were unable to attend the meeting which took place, the communiqué said.   
Measures were being taken to compensate families for lands that have been acquired already with payments to be released within 30 days, Minister of Megapolis and Western Development Champika Ranawaka said.   
The government will acquire 13 acres in Dambugolawatta for the proposed Bio Technology Research Centre, 11 acres in Horagollawatte for the proposed Arthur C. Clarke Research Centre and 5 acres in Alubogahawatte where construction has already commenced. 

The statement went on to say the three parties were grateful to have contributed to the development of the country in such a manner and hoped an awareness programme was conducted to clear away misunderstandings surrounding the project.   

The communiqué concluded that 200 of the 450 acres needed for the project had already been acquired and that the acquisition of land in the future will not inconvenience anyone.