Mangala warns further depreciation of rupee against US $

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Untitled-4By Ajith Siriwardana   
Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera yesterday warned of a tendency of a further rupee depreciation against the US dollar within the next few weeks.  


He told parliament that not only the Sri Lankan rupee but also currencies of most Asian countries had depreciated during the recent past.  

 “Sri Lankan rupee has depreciated by 7.4 per cent while Indian rupee has depreciated by 13.5%, Pakistan rupee by 12.1 per cent, Indonesian rupiah by 9.1and Russian ruble by 18.2,” he said.  

He said the value of the rupee was determined by the foreign exchange market and primary determinants of the demand for currency are import and export of goods and services and added that these basic indicators remained positive in the case of Sri Lanka. 

“These indicators are moving in the correct direction,” he said. Mr. Samaraweera said in a move to control the outflow of foreign currency, the Central Bank on Wednesday imposed a 100 per cent cash margin requirement for LCs on non commercial vehicles with immediate effect.  


Indian rupee has depreciated by 13.5%, Pakistan rupee by 12.1 per cent