IGP releases promotion list under NPC directive

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By Tarindu Jayawardene   

 IGP Pujith Jayasundera yesterday released the promotion orders for the 50 police officers who were in the politically victimized list and which were approved by the National Police Commission (NPC) on a directive issued by the Cabinet. Fifteen officers among this 50 had their date of the present appointment back dated when issuing these promotion orders and the rest promoted to higher grades from the present posts.   

Among those promoted were a DIG, an SP, 9 ASPs, 15 CIs, an IP, 16 SIs, 6 Sergeants and one Police Constable, who has been promoted to be a Sub Inspector with effect from yesterday.   

The IGP had also ordered that two IPs who have been promoted as ASPs were on hold due to ongoing investigations and legal issues pertaining to them.   

The NPC had intimated to the IGP on August 6 to grant promotions to the officers who were subjected to political victimization and whose names were approved by the Cabinet.   

However, as these instructions were not activated over several weeks, the Commission complained to the Constitutional Council.   

Accordingly, the Constitutional Council summoned the IGP and the NPC and allowed 14 days for the IGP to implement its decisions. This time period was to lapse on (21) today and the IGP had issued the promotion orders just a day before the deadline.