Soysapura Drenching in stench

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  • Soysapura residents engulfed by a stench reportedly emanating from the NWSDB sewage pumping station 
  • Brassware turning black in houses
  • Many suffer respiratory and breathing difficulties


Text & Pics By Reka Tharangani Fonseka  

The residents of Soysapura Flats in Moratuwa said that they were disgusted with the setting up of the Sewage Pumping Station close in residence.  

They claimed that after spending millions of rupees on the project, the entire area was now nauseating with the foul stench it emanated.  

“Children seem to be the worst affected being victims of respiratory problems. There is at least one asthma patient in every house,” they charged.  

“Doctors said that the rise in asthma cases was due allergic condition,” they said.  

The residents said that they find no recourse to their frustration.  

The National Water Supply Board and Drainage Board (NWSDB), with aid provided by the Swedish Government, commenced the project -costing 600 Million Euros-in 2011 with the idea of protecting the Lunawa Lagoon.  
The project, known as Ratmalana Moratuwa Sanitary (Sewage and Waste Water Project) was vested with the public in 2014.  

This project refines about 17 million litres of sewage water from nearly 5,000 households and pumps it to the sea.  

Presently an unbearable stench that was not hitherto experienced by the residents is being experienced.  

The air which carries this smell was affecting the brass ornaments in the houses by turning them black, they said.  

Eighty-year-old Ummu Saleema, speaking to the media on this issue said that she had been residing in Soysapura for the past 25 years and for the past four to five years she found it difficult to consume even the home cooked meals, because of this foul air in the area.  

She added that many of her relatives calling at her residence, refuse to drink even water from her house, saying that her sewage pit is overflowing.  

Abdhul Rahman, another resident said that his relative avoid visiting him because of the stench.  

A resident, Sriyani Mallika, said that she was a heart patient and now become an asthmatic as well.  

Doctors of the area are of the view that residents had now become asthmatic due to some allergic condition prevailing in the area.  

It is also observed that Gully Bowsers belonging to local councils transporting sewage water to this pumping station aggravates the stench which is already there.  

Mallika said that despite her writing to the chairman of the Water Board, Moratuwa Municipal Council, Ministers and MPs and Central Environment authority no action had been taken.  


Similar sentiments were expressed by several others, claiming that children are now suffering from various respiratory sicknesses due to this foul smell spreading all over the area.  

They demanded an immediate investigation which would prove their allegations.  

Another resident, Geethani Rupika submitted that the brass items becoming discoloured could be attributed to some chemicals in the foul air as she suspected that blackish matter appearing on the brassware and the foul stench had some connection.  

Even the officials at the pumping station being made aware of this situation have been instructed by the Chairman of the Board to inquire about the stench that is now spreading and take action to minimize it.  

The residents becoming restless had complained to the Police Environment Unit, who had informed that they couldn’t file action against the Government.  

During our investigations, we felt the stench emanating all over the area and also noticed the blackening of brassware in several houses.  

We contacted the General Manager of the Water Board D.U. Sumanasekera, who stated that instructions had been given to the officials to cover the locations from where the foul stench emanated.  

“We have identified four locations and these locations would be covered in order to control this foul stench from spreading,” he said.  

He also said that no sooner he heard about the plight of the residents, he appointed a Special Committee specialised on sewage systems.  

A special type of enzyme that is presently being tested at the pumping station in Jaela is to be tried here as well.  

Mr Sumanasekera said that at the beginning with the setting up of this pumping station, no stench was experienced by the residents, and there arises a suspicion now whether any factory is releasing any waste to the waterways in the area.  



Brass items becoming discoloured could be attributed to some chemicals in the foul air




I am a heart patient and now become an asthmatic as well.  







The air which carries this smell was affecting the brass ornaments in the houses by turning them black… 






Relatives avoid visiting him because of the stench