UNP ‘s responsibility is to safeguard President: Deputy Minister

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By Yohan Perera   

It is the responsibility of the UNP to safeguard President Maithripala Sirisena and has no intention of getting him killed, Home Affairs Deputy Minister J. C. Alawathuwala said yesterday.   Deputy Minister Alawathuwala told a media briefing it is the responsibility of UNP to safeguard President Sirisena and therefore the party cannot have any intention getting him killed. “It is the UNP who got President Sirisena elected as the President of this country and therefore our party cannot have any intention of getting him killed. Therefore the allegation that UNP is behind the plot to assassinate him is baseless,” the Deputy Minister said.

Mr. Alawathuwala said the investigations on the alleged plot are continuing without any political interference.   

Also he refuted reports that there is a serious rift between the President and the Prime Minister. “One should understand that the government is run by two parties and naturally there are debates and arguments in such a situation. Both the SLFP and UNP debate and argue on policies and ensure that people are benefited,” he said in this regard.   

The Deputy Minister who became critical of the media saying sections of the media in Sri Lanka are sometimes engaged in misleading the people.  Citing an example he said the report which said a family in Anuradhapura who had survived consuming Murunga leaves was false. 

“Some officials from the President’s office and divisional secretariat office had visited this home and the family had informed that they did consume Murunga with rice and other curries. Therefore the report was actually wrong. However the Home Affairs Ministry’s launch of new service to provide documents such as birth, marriage and death certificates within five minutes was never given publicity in the media. Is it not a news worthy item for the media that should receive publicity?” he questioned. He said some media organizations lost their reputation after giving huge publicity to Joint Opposition protest on September 5 which he assessed as a failure.