Budget Proposals 2019 Budget Proposals 2019

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LATE-CITY-DM-1-61Veteran film star Sanath Gunathilake who is recovering after a by-pass surgery, said despite his restricted movements, he is drafting a set of proposals to be sent to the Finance Ministry which has called for proposals before October 12.

“Basically I am going to email it before the deadline requesting the relevant authorities to consider giving back the tax concessions that our film fraternity enjoyed prior to 2015. I understand that the country needs more foreign investors and they should be encouraged by offering tax and other concessions. But we must also consider the plight of our own investors in the film industry whose input cannot be ignored. I have in the past too made some pleas on behalf of our industry and all that was done in good faith. With the objective of ensuring a strong economy, I believe helping our cinema and boosting will mean ensuring a cultured country. There are issues like creating new cinemas, screening of foreign films, film distribution, film production and other areas that need to be considered when providing concessions at the upcoming budget,” he said.