‘RAN POKUNA’ – A rare treasure of the past

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Text & Pics by Indika Sri Aravinda   

ated on a five perch land in one of the most urban areas in the city, in Maligawatta, is the largest well in Sri Lanka.   

The 45 foot long, 40 foot wide and 12 foot deep well, was constructed over a 100 years ago and is used to this day.   

Maintained by the Three-wheeler Drivers’ Association, water from the ‘Ran Pokuna’ was used as drinking water up until 1994. The well was renovated by the late President R. Premadasa in 1978.   

The sad plight of this treasure that quenched the thirst of hundreds in the past, was highlighted when its keeper T.R.R. Palli said that the well could only be used as a bathing spot now, for which they charged Rs. 20 from each person who used the premises.   

They spend about Rs. 100,000 a month as maintenance and 50-100 people visit the spot each day. Every four years, the mud in this well is cleared out.