Residents and Officials at loggerheads over the flood situation in Borupana area

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Text & Pics by Reka Tharangani   

Borupana area in Moratuwa which had not experienced any flood situation during the recent great deluge, is now been faced with a flood situation even after a minor shower. The residents claim that this scenario is the result of the haphazard filling of the Weras Ganga near the Karadiyana garbage dump, causing their dwellings to go under flood waters.   

The residents charge that the politicians who flocked this area during elections travelling in Defender vehicles are seen no more and only the Local Councilor and the Grama Niladhari who happens to be a woman visits them and make inquiries about their plight. They said that while their children are on beds they keep vigil in the night watching the level of the flood waters.   

With the incessant rains 12 Grama Seva divisions in Moratuwa had faced floods and 3782 residents have been displaced.   

The Municipal Councillor of Thelawala area Suresh Indika also blamed those who are engaged in the haphazard filling of the river near the Karadiyana garbage dump. It is observed that Sri Lanka Land Reclamation and Development Corporation is presently continuing with the filling up of the river with the aim of widening the road running in front of the garbage dump. Concrete debris could be seen dumped into the river.   

When inquired from the Acting General Manager of the Sri Lanka Land Reclamation and Development Corporation K.Rajapakse refuted the claims made by the residents that the land filling is causing the flash floods. He said that though the banks of the river are being filled up for the proposed road widening, steps have been taken to dredge the river and therefore a flood situation would not occur. He attributed the floods due to the haphazard filling of the reservation of the river and constructing houses. He also said that attention of several departments had been drawn in this regard and steps are to be taken for the demarcation of the reservation of the river and remove all unauthorized structures.   

The Divisional secretary of Moratuwa Ms. Nimali Karunarathne said that the demarcation done in 1960 regarding the reservation is no more in existence at the Weras river bank and a survey had begun to demarcate   the reservation and said that the reason for the floods in the 12 divisions is not only due to the filling of the river bank. She also said that it cannot be stated for certainty that the filling up of the river bank near the Karadiyana garbage dump is the cause of the floods, questions arise with the appearance of concrete debris in the middle of the river. She further said that legal action had been instituted against the unauthorized constructions on the conservation of the river and action taken to remove them on receipt of complaints. However this issue of invading the reservation of the river goes back to the year 1960 she added.