Residents of Paris Perera road protest against deplorable road condition

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Text & Pics By P.H.P. Perera   

Residents at the Paris Perera Road, Ja-ela expressed their protest displaying placards against the difficulties and inconveniences they are undergoing due to the unsatisfactory conditions of the roads within the Ja-ela Urban Council area.   

Those who held the protest on Tuesday complained that about 50 families living along the Paris Perera Road are experiencing immense difficulties in attending to the day-to-day activities during rainy days. It is impossible for their children to go to schools as roads in the area are vulnerable to floods and remain inundated with the beginning of the rain.   

Urban council  member Namal Suranga who joined the protesters said Chairman of the urban council is not paying attention to the problems of the area due to his displeasure on the preferential votes he received from the particular area.   

When inquired the Ja-ela Urban Council Chairman Dhammika Dias said that he was not aware of such incidents and the protests are an act of sabotage.   

Police officers ensured the security in the area during the protest.