Army Day (October 10) Army commences production of artificial limbs

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By Darshana Sanjeewa  

The ‘Ranaviru Sevana’, the state-of-the-art wellness centre for disabled War Heroes of the Army at Ragama, turned on a new lease of life to  war heroes on the Army Day (October 10), when it ceremonially commenced its own new workshop for production of Prostheses and Orthotics, providing solace to more than 15,000 amputees and physically-handicapped Army War Heroes.   

The Army said the much-needed new workshop, was equipped with brand new machinery and equipment of international standards worth around Rs. 80 million.  

According to the Director General, Directorate of Rehabilitation Major General S.K. Thirunavukarasu, at least 25 Army technicians would be able to manufacture and assemble artificial legs and limbs or prostheses upon importation of only the most required components.  

The Army said the construction of the workshop that cost about Rs 80 million has been designed enabling amputees to get their worn out artificial devices repaired or re-done, without seeking new replacements for a considerable period of time.  

Similarly, battle-affected War Heroes would be immensely benefited by this project since they can learn to use these artificial products in the correct manner, during their stay at the wellness centre.   

Army Commander Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake attending the inauguration of this new complex, thanked all who supported the project including a few foreign-based companies.  “This is a tribute paid to the heroic deeds of our War Heroes on this landmark day of the Army. 

It will certainly boost the morale of physically-handicapped War Heroes until they are naturalized and returned to society as ordinary citizens. 

This facility, perhaps the best in the region, could be further expanded under phase 2 and 3 in the future to turn it to be a public venture to serve the whole country one day,” the Commander said.  

At present, 115 handicapped resident War Heroes are undergoing rehabilitation and recuperation at Ragama ‘Ranaviru Sevana’, the Amy said.