Grade 5 Scholarship Exam Limbless Dinusha scores 145 marks writing with her mouth

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CITY-DM-20-3 By Saman Vijaya Bandara   

At a time when everyone’s attention is drawn to the list of highest scorers at the grade five scholarship examination, the story of a limbless girl from Mawanella obtaining 145 Marks after answering the examination papers with a pen stuck in her mouth is indeed inspiring.   


The girl in question has been identified as eleven-year-old Dinusha Bandara, who is a resident of Kotagala, attends Asokapura special school for disabled children.   

The principal of this school Ms. A. S. Siriwardene explained that Dinusha was very adept at using her mouth to write things and she could also draw well. She had scored 145 marks at the recent grade five scholarship examination after sitting the exam with five of her schoolmates.   

Her hands and feet are not developed and are lifeless. Through perseverance, over a long period of time she had learned how to make use of her mouth to hold the pen and pencil for writing. The principal considers this to be a great achievement by Dinusha. Taking her disability into consideration supervisors at the examination hall had given her an extra ten minutes to complete her answer scripts.   

Her principal said that Dinusha was a very cheerful girl and never appeared to be depressed over her disability. She was born at the Colombo National Hospital and doctors at that time believed that she would not live. 

From her early childhood Dinusha had displayed a great liking for art. She picks up the colour pencils or pastels using her mouth on her own and while anyone watching her would feel sorry when they see the strain she undergoes, her keen interest and the way she selects colours keep onlookers amazed and cannot help admiring her skills despite her disability.   

A wheelchair donated to her had been very helpful for her to move about around school. She had originally been brought up at the Dr. Bray and De Kretzer home for disabled children in Hendala and was later brought to the centre at Mawanella where she is receiving more attention and care. The principal has been like a mother to Dinusha and is very fond of her.