‘Ava’ leader-distributor of diaspora funds arrested

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  • A mobile phone containing important information was also recovered


By Indika Ramanayaka and Srinath Prasanna Jayasuriya   

The police arrested an individual who was engaged in the distribution of money received from the foreign diaspora among members of the criminal gang called ‘Ava’ in Jaffna.  

The police said the arrest had been made in Uduvil, Chunnakam by the STF on Saturday night.   

The man arrested was identified as Sivalingam Sivakumar (29) alias Shiva, according to the police.   

He had been arrested while riding a motorcycle.  A mobile phone containing important information including a list of their members was also recovered, according to the police.   About 500 police officers from the Northern Province were said to have been deployed in this operation to arrest AVA members.