Will set aside fraudulent transactions: SLPP

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Untitled-3By Lahiru Pothmulla   

A future government which will be formed under the leadership of Mahinda Rajapaksa would set aside any transaction entered into by this government if they were found to be fraudulent, the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) said yesterday.  

SLPP Chairman Professor G.L. Peiris said if any transaction is shown to be fraudulent when it comes to sale of assets, if people have profited from these transactions unfairly and if there is proof to that effect, we will not hesitate to set aside those transactions in order to protect the national interests of the country.   “Foreign investors have pulled out investments worth Rs.74,000 million from the Bonds Market and Stock Exchange alone during this year, showing their lack of confidence in the country. Allegations are being made against ministers with investors saying that they have been asked for bribes. So clearly the genuine investors will not come here. We will not hesitate to reverse these transactions if there is acceptable proof,” he told a news briefing.  Meanwhile, he said the Reparation Bill involves paying money from the Treasury to former LTTE members and that this would dilute the efforts of other countries which have banned the LTTE. “Even now these countries are taking action to arrest the LTTE supporters who are collecting funds and organising LTTE activities. Court cases have been filed and people have been convicted in European countries. These countries have been sending representatives to our Attorney General’s Department to talk with our officials. All of these will be affected by the perception there that the Government of Sri Lanka has changed its attitude towards the LTTE,” he said.  

When asked whether the Bill would only pay compensation to ex-LTTE members, Prof. Peiris said it applies to others as well but the very first cases will be the most recent cases of LTTE members. “There is that element of discrimination there. All of this is happening in the context of the Ava group becoming stronger in the Northern areas,”

 he said.