Cabinet approves construction of 65,000 houses in N-E

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By Sandun A. Jayasekera   

The Cabinet on Tuesday gave the nod to build 65,000 houses in the North and the East, Cabinet Spokesman and Lands and Parliamentary Reforms Minister Gayantha Karunatilaka said yesterday. 

He told the weekly Cabinet news briefing that 28,000 houses would be built in the initial stage by a conglomerate of ND Enterprise (India), Yapka Developers Private Limited (Sri Lanka) and Archedium Private Limited (Sri Lanka). Each housing unit is said to cost Rs.1, 280,000. The Cabinet memo has been presented by Rehabilitation and Resettlement Minister D.M. Swaminathan. 

On a different note, Minister Karunatilaka said the Cabinet memo presented by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to construct 250 bridges to develop the rural road network also got the green light. 

“The government is of the view that some 4,000 new bridges are needed to fully develop the rural road network. We have already built 1,000 such bridges with foreign funding. New agreements will be inked to construct the proposed 250 bridges. However, the next national census — which is conducted every ten years — will be held in 2021. Compiling of the national population and housing census is scheduled to commence in 2020 and final enumeration in 2021,” he said. 

The proposal in this regard has been presented by the premier.

Pic by Nisal Baduge