Govt. has ensured steel sheets to be used as barricades

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Kelani River bank erosion affects 200 families every year


Cabinet approved a proposal to construct a barrier along the Kelani River bank, the erosion of which has affected 200 families.   

The proposal made by Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources and Disaster Management, Duminda Dissanayake, will ensure steel sheets are used as a barricade in parts of the river bank that have eroded severely.   

Areas such as Malwana, Ranala and Ambulgama officials say are mainly affected by the erosion. At present the two main concerns regarding the River are the floods during the monsoon and saline intrusion during the dry season.  
The water level of the Kelani River increases the risk of flood in Colombo, as the city and its suburbs lie on the lower flood plain of the river. Exposure of Colombo and upper catchments of Kelani River to the same monsoon i.e. South West Monsoon is another reason.   

Saline intrusion has become another issue as the river is the provider of drinking water to a large urban area. Legal and illegal sand mining has ensured the river bed deepens by approximately10cm (4in) each year.   

Figures provided by the Ministry of Irrigation Department stated that it gives out Rs. 380-400 million annually as compensation to those affected by the floods.   

The 145km long river also has the second highest volume of water amongst the 16 major rivers in the country.