Kew, Wanaraja Estate workers protest demanding Rs. 1,000-day pay

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By Ranjith Rajapakse and Shantha Chandrasiri

Estate workers in Norwood, Hatton staged a protest yesterday demanding a per day wage of Rs. 1,000.

The workers of the Kew Group carrying black flags marched along the Hatton-Bogawantalawa Main Road and staged a protest for about an hour.

Meanwhile, workers of the Wanaraja Estate too marched from their factory up to the Dickoya Town demanding a salary hike.

They urged that the present basic salary of Rs. 530 per day be increased to Rs. 1,000 and the salary to be paid before the forthcoming Deepavali Festival with the arrears.

The Estate Owners Union had expressed its willingness to increase the basic daily pay to Rs. 900.

This offer has been rejected by the workers union.

A trade union official of the combined Trade Union said that another discussion was expected to take place shortly with the intervention of the Prime Minister.