English Debate Championship

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Debaters’ Council and Ministry of Education to Inaugurate All-Island'


The Ministry of Education together with the Debaters’ Council of Sri Lanka will host the first all-Island English language debating competition in October and November 2018. The Ministry’s English and Foreign Languages Branch is partnering with the Debaters’ Council to lead a project that is expected to improve English language skills among students outside of Colombo via the engaging platform of debating. The programme will culminate with the All Island English Debate Championship hosted by the Ministry of Education.

Although Sinhala and Tamil language debate in Sri Lanka is very robust English debating has remained Colombo-centric.Recognising this, the Ministry of Education convened over 100 teachers from around the island on 25th September 2018 for a one-day training workshop in debate adjudication and coaching. The workshop was conducted by Kithmina Hewage, Tamara Fernando and Shan Dantanarayana of the Debaters’ Council. 

The tournament will commence in the third week of October with the Western Province, before moving on to other provinces in Sri Lanka.

For more information on the all island competition, please write to englishunitmoe @gmail.com /debaterscouncil@gmail.com. For more information on the World Championships, please write to secretariat@wsdc2019srilanka.com.