Namal Kumara claims SF behind Nalaka de Silva

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Life-1By Darshana Sanjeewa   

Anti-Corruption Force Operations Director Namal Kumara has said that in his initial statement to the CID, he had mentioned Minister Sarath Fonseka’s name and asked whether he had got to know about it.  


He told a media briefing in Ampara that Sarath Fonseka had a close rapport with the former TID DIG Nalaka de Silva.  

“In my first statement to the CID, I revealed that Fonseka had close links with Nalaka de Silva. Fonseka was not aware of the secret statement, which I gave the CID about him,”  Kumara said.  “Several times Sarath Fonseka spoke about me and threatened to expose me. I would say that Fonseka and several others are behind this plot. I believe the President will pay attention to it.”  

Namal Kumara said he was ready to reveal more details to the President if asked to do so.