Us Spices

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Ranil de Silva, who is known for forming groups of one sort or another, came up with the name Spice Girls, for our group of ten who meet up at least once a month. Aptly and according to our personality or attitude, each member was named after a spice. Being the leader and bossy as well, Ranil calls himself Red Hot Chili, and the rest are Garlic, Ginger, Saffron, Clove, Salt, Tamarind, Pepper, Nutmeg and Cumin. The Group has been meeting for nearly fifteen years.

As it is ten of us, we are assured of ten birthday treats celebrated strictly only by the members of Spice Girls and no spouses invited. The gatherings are all about fun and laughing about ourselves and no chatter or gossip about anyone outside of the group. Tremendous fun has been had over the years with many outstation trips, cookery competitions, costume parties as well as Halloween. Most of the fun outings are planned by the group lead and include theme nights, which are very popular, and dress codes for certain gatherings. What I have realised is that the ten of us absolutely enjoy our get togethers. The hacking of each other is quite hilarious. The problem arises when trying to plan a get together as finding ten people free at the same time is difficult but Leader Chili is very strict with the organising of the calendar and will somehow get it all done.

I am sure there are many such groups in existence and I would recommend meeting up in such structured groups because it is a load of fun. I have learned that being in harmony with each other is the key to any group. Sincerity is also a must and no double tongued person can be included as any unpleasantness will only make the group unstable. Fortunately we have not faced such a situation. I also belong to another small group, Muffets, and luckily the five of us in this group too are in harmony with each other. 

Life is what we make of it and us Spice Girls do enjoy our times together. I look forward to  many more hearty years with our group of ten.