Lakmini making a slow and steady journey

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Impulse--1-4Bandarawela-born Lakmini Karunaarachchi who is now residing in Colombo, has been making an impressive mark as a promising actress, in a career spanning about five years. Having had her education at Bandarawela Kuda Kusum Maha Vidyalaya, Lakmini came down to Colombo for employment at SL Telecom.

She realised her childhood dream of becoming a model when she took part in a fashion show organised by Telecom and thus entered the world of glamour. Thereafter she followed a course on modelling under Nick Jason.
Having made her film debut as Tennyson Cooray’s sister in ‘Eya Thamai Meya’, Lakmini has so far acted in several films and tele dramas.

“The ‘Ataka Nataka’ series in which I acted for about 2 years became a huge hit and so were the other roles I played in some tele dramas. I started acting while working at Telecom but I later left Telecom and joined a cargo company where I work even now. I feel in a country like ours, we can’t solely depend on acting as a profession. My employer has given me the freedom to engage in acting but I treat acting as a hobby and don’t neglect my job. I recently started work on my newest film ‘Rukada Panchi’ directed by Kalpana and Vindana Ariyawansa who made the award winning movie ‘Premaya Nam’. I have so far acted in 10 tele dramas and five movies in addition to one stage play ‘Sikura’ directed by Sarath Dikkumbura. I don’t believe in increasing the quantity of projects I work but only focus on the quality. I trust that a slow and steady journey will do good to my profile. I have also dubbed for several tele serials including Jodha Akbar. 

I am also looking forward to the release of ‘Saliya Asokamala’ tele drama in which I play a pivotal role as a foolish woman. Among my tele dramas that are being telecast now are Mansala, Ilandari Hendewa and Ranhiru Wessa. Tele dramas like Sandamali and Dedunu Palama are also awaiting release. I acted in two films directed by veteran director V. Sivadasan. One was ‘Paatak Nethi Adarayak’ while the other was ‘Deveni Yuddhaya’. I am eagerly looking forward to these two films,” she said.

You also did 

your own original song recently?

LATE-CITY--DM-1-5Yes that song was titled ‘Adarayai’ which came with a music video too. The feedback for the songs has been very encouraging. Udaya Ruwan Herath did the lyrics while Sandaruwan Jayasinghe composed the music. I am planning another song soon. I am very passionate about singing. I feel the ability to sing is an added qualification for an actress.


“I am planning a new song soon. 
I am very passionate about singing. I feel the ability to sing is an added qualification for an actress”


Pix: Amith Senarathne